Hot Drink Cups


GreenCentury® Enterprises Inc. manufactures several types of hot drink cups to suit the needs of the environmentally conscious business owner's and consumer, but also to meet the needs of business owner's with very specific waste management services.

GreenCentury® "green style" Nature Cup® branded compostable cups are manufactured using a PLA (poly lactic acid) lining. This cup is made from all natural and organic renewable resources, and utilizes print inks made from Soy and also adhesives made from plant starch.

GreenCentury® "blue style" Vista®, Vending, and Standard cups all utilize a PE or plastic standard hot drink cup lining. These cups are recyclable in provinces and municipalities that permit.

All GreenCentury® branded cups are made from high density certified paper stock. Our high density paper allows for minimal heat transfer as well as high resolution branding options for those customers looking for a custom printed product option.

For More Information Regarding Custom Branding

Please contact your Green Century product professionals.