Bamboo Chopstick

GreenCentury® brand chopsticks are made from 100% bamboo and not recycled and pre-formed bamboo and wood fibers. They are "DUAL" style singular utensils and are not joined together. This quality product is paper wrapped and each set is sealed in it's own wrapper.

Our standard stock item size is a 23 cm in length and 5.5 mm in diameter. However, there are many other custom options available that can be specially manufactured to your unique specifications.

This product is also available in custom branded or printed packaging. Please consult your GreenCentury® product specialist for information on custom printing, lead times, and minimum order quantities.

  • Double Bamboo Chopsticks Wrapped In Paper With Two Color Green Logo

    Product Code: 70701
    SCC Code: 06282950000987
    Carton Quantity: 1000 pcs
    Pack Quantity: 100
    Carton Size: Length: 14.76" x Width: 11.22" x Height: 11.14"
    Carton Size: Length: 37.5 cm x Width: 28.5 cm x Height: 28.3 cm
    Case Cube(ft3 / m3): 1.06811 / 0.03
    Gross Weight: 10kg
    Net Weight: 9.5kg
    Ti x Hi 10 x 9
    Length of Chopstick: 23cm / 9''
    Diameter of Chopstick: 5.5mm.
    Paper Fully Wrapped: Yes.
    Printing on Paper: Two Colours.
    Type: Double.
    Compostable & Biodegradable: Yes